Actos Bladder Cancer Settlements

Multiple studies have left no question about the relationship between Actos (pioglitazone) and bladder cancer. France conducted its own study. In addition Actos manufacturer Takeda had only completed five years of its five-year study before warning of the Actos bladder cancer threat.

Actos Bladder Cancer Study Responses

Both Germany and France responded to the French study linking Actos with bladder cancer
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by making the dangerous diabetes treatment illegal. In the United States the FDA has responded to the studies less radically. It issued a Black Box warning, its most serious cautionary label. It advises that anyone who has bladder cancer now or has already survived having it in the past should not take it.

The Takeda study makes it virtually certain that for diabetes patients taking Actos, developing bladder cancer is not a question of if but when. Those at most risk are the patients with the highest cumulative dose or those who have taken it the longest. In other words high dosages can encourage cancer developing sooner, but even at lower doses if a person takes it for a long time they also get a higher risk.

Actos Bladder Cancer Compensation

This information of Actos as a dangerous drug is just beginning. Actos bladder cancer settlements may hinge on how many seek a lawsuit early. Evidence still comes in that in addition to bladder cancer Actos may cause heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes similar to Avandia (rosiglitizone) a related diabetes treatment. In fact, when those problems were found with Avandia, more patients began taking Actos.

If you or someone you know takes or has taken Actos, contacting an attorney immediately is your best option for securing a fair settlement. Should you develop bladder cancer, or already have it, the expenses of treating it will far exceed what treating diabetes has already cost you. When a dangerous medication has caused this, the manufacturer bears responsibility for this additional burden. A lawyer can help secure your Actos bladder cancer settlements from those responsible for your contracting this unexpected disease.